White Horse Auto Wash is run by the Rust family and features an equestrian theme that is meant to compliment the rich history and culture of Fauquier County. The name “White Horse” comes from a fishing rock on the east side of the Shenandoah River, that earned its name because when the water level rises the water rushing over the rock looks like white horses in full stride. Rust family legend states that John W. Rust pushed the rock into the river off a nearby mountain. Once you see the rock, you know its only a legend!

In the lobby the Warrenton Riding Cup, circa 1776 is displayed. The cup is thought to be a predecessor to the Gold Cup, held in Warrenton each year. The Cup was won by a relative of the Rust family during a steeple chase. Along side an original newspaper article from the local Warrenton newspaper, The Solid South, describing the race and the trophy are a prized possession of the family.


We believe in being good stewards of the land. Using a commercial car wash is actually better for the environment than home washing. We recycle our water, treating as much water as possible in reclamation system. We store 6,000 gallon underground in settling tanks and use low-flow nozzles whenever possible to reduce water consumption. Our chemicals are biodegradable and exceed current EPA standards. Before building the car wash, we auctioned a significant portion of the previous building’s components to allow others to reuse the material rather than simply putting the remains in our landfills. Finally, we used fire retardant wood and chose to sprinkler our building despite not being required by local building code to do so.


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