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  1. I am so glad White Horse bought out the car wash next to the 7 Eleven in Woodbridge. I can’t even remember it’s name, because I quit going to them after my third dissapointing visit and started going to Tackett Mills Car Wash. I am curious as to which menu wash option includes the undercarriage. I took my vehicle to White Horse last week and chose the Whirlaway, but there was still mud under my car from a muddy pot hole I had previously driven through. I want to make sure I choose the right wash option next time that will clean the undercarriage. Thank you and good luck to your business.

    • Hi – thanks for the comments, and for trying out the wash. Your suspicion was correct, the Whirlaway Wash doesn’t come with the undercarriage flush. The other two interior/exterior packages include the undercarriage (#4 Gallant Fox & #5 Secretariat). Also, as always, elbow grease is free at White Horse. If you have a special request or see something we missed, just let an attendant know and we’ll take care of it. Thanks, White Horse.

  2. Hi White Horse Wash. The first thing I looked for when I used your car wash was a board or sign that had the car wash menu choices and what services is included for each. It would be nice to have this displayed so when we get up to the attendant, we already know what type of wash we want and it would speed up the process. Just a thought.

  3. Just got my car washed using the Secretariat and they did an amazing job. So much better than the previous car wash that was there. I will definitely be back!!!!

  4. Going to come back today, love the car wash and I love seeing that they handle any problems. I have not had any issues and its nice to see it back open. It has become my regular car wash once again.

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